From the top of the World TreeThe History of Draakenholm

It is said that in the beginning the Universe was made whole, not evil not good it simply was. However a cataclysmic shift occurred. What was once one became two and from the two near infinite gradations occurred. The ideas and energies took form and began to develop thought. The greatest Rivalry of all began to take shape. With the void being filled with something the ancient psyche that craved nothingness and void became outraged. The desire to destroy and corrupt also came to the forefront and concluded that if one must create then there must be one to destroy.

Thus all things made now had an enemy in the form of Chaos and Destruction. With the advent of life came death. Death started as do all children, Tabula Rasa, a blank slate. The God form of all these concept began to take form. With Death’s beginning and formation the two sides of creation the side of Order and the side of Chaos were disallowed to claim death as their own.Death was to be the great equalizer; for what thing can exist without an opposite? What can exist without and end?

The form of Death felt slighted that it could not be of either side, the form began to take on a female-like guise and over time as her power grew with the ever increasing soul energy of those who would go on to die. This was something the form of Chaos did not know was that the initial ONE the creator from the void in it’s splitting and creating of all things in and of itself broke not only into the two forms;order and chaos but it had also imbued all things with it’s own life energy.This one sacrificed it’s own form in order to become all things and thus all things contained it’s energy. Orcus convinced Death that the Soul energy of those who died was her own. He convinced her to use and destroy and sacrifice,in full, the soul energy of the departed for her own needs and power. For he had convinced her to become his Bride to form an unholy union, in order to create a world where all the soul energy would be theirs to control. As a war ravaged world brought more souls, more quickly into her possession than one of peace. Thus the battle between good evil and the constant struggle on this world and in all the planes of existence began and continued through time.

The lord of order named Bahamut became aware of Death’s Corruption by Orcus.Bahamut was forced to create new agents of order to attempt to rescue the souls of the strongest and best champions of Order and good. These agents were known as the Valkyrie. Unfortunately not all souls could be rescued from The Raven Queen. Being that she in truth was the true end and the actual Goddess of Death.

In Ancient Times the Chromatic Dragons, Children of Bahamut; the God of Order,protected the World of Draakenholm from harm. For millenia the balance of this world was held in light as a counter to the Dark. The Light was to be challenged by the development of the Dark lord Orcus whose agents stole a Dragon’s Egg. Once in their possession the Egg was offered to Orcus to be corrupted in it’s development.This corruption of the once noble Dragon protectors of the world led to the creation of evil and neutral dragons which did not exist as their original creator, Bahamut, had intended.

The Dragons were created as defenders of Order. Orcus created the similar creatures knows as Wyrms, dragon-like creatures of evil and chaotic nature. These Wyrms were in turn used to create the varying forms of Dragons found throughout the land.The Stolen Egg grew into a female dragon that went on to become the mother of all the neutral and evil dragons and sometimes even good dragons in the world once bred with the Wyrms of Orcus. This mixing led to the colored dragons, the dragon-kin and eventually even the Dragonborn race.

This Dark spawned Dragon would go on to become the progenitor of the evil that would lead to the rise of the bride of Orcus; the Raven Queen. The Raven Queen’s Corruption of the world exists to make the world ready and for the coming of Orcus to the Earthly planes of man.

Chaos and Dark would have to constantly confront one another to determine the future of all things. What side would win, no one can say. However, this is the only constant and the reason we are here to tell the tale. Order does not chose conflict; preferring peace and tranquility, however in order to defend itself from the forces of Chaos and Evil heroes are chosen, destinies formed. Along the way these heroes are confronted by all kinds of challenges. Attempts at corruption and moral dilemmas challenge them on their Quest to restore order.

From the top of the World Tree